terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

Chernobyl: chegaram os primeiros materiais para construção do novo abrigo

No interior do edifício existente edifício do reactor encontram-se elementos
de combustível altamente danificados e radioactivos.
Via NWW:
The structure will be assembled on concrete rails and slid into place over the broken buildings of Chernobyl 4, which was destroyed by the steam and hydrogen explosions that followed a power excursion in April 1986. Once hermetically sealed, it will allow engineers to remotely dismantle the hastily constructed 'sarcophagus' that has shielded the remains of the reactor from the weather since the weeks after the accident. The stability of the sarcophagus has developed into one of the major risk factors at the site, and its potential collapse threatens to liberate more radioactive materials. A project to shore up the structure was completed in mid-2008 but the NSC would reduce the consequences of a collapse while also allowing the sarcophagus to be taken apart under controlled conditions.

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