quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

Obras dos "pacifistas" ...

... ecologistas, "preocupados" com os pobres e escumalha em geral:
Killing people with “concern”? Biofuels led to nearly 200,000 deaths (est) in 2010.


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Carmo da Rosa disse...

E os cientistas dizem logo a seguir que:

He compared this death tally to the WHO figures for deaths attributed to global warming and finds that the biofuels policies are more deadly. (And he is not including any increase in poverty due to other anti-global warming practices).


Bio fuel is more deadly than global warming, say the scientists, and this Portuguese youth, the so called ‘acampados’, are using every day bio fuel – instead of good old olive oil Serrata - to cook for a lot of ‘indignados’ at downtown Rossio, largely contributing for global warming, says the poster.

And the other way, is better they cook, play guitar and write slogans against the government, than they make war, become Muslim of use drugs… Anyway, I don’t give a fuck about global warming …